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August 15th, 2006

03:11 pm
color me interested :P

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February 16th, 2006

08:50 am
this song is amazing

Ras Kass:
You want to talk to God? God never sleeps.

Ras Kass: Now what came first the chicken or the egg?
God: Armageddon.
Ras Kass: A arm a leg a leg a arm a head.
Headin in your direction.
The riddle was the answer to the question.
Born of the flesh what is perfection

Ras Kass:
Inside my mother's womb doomed to return to the tomb.
Or was it from the dead I was raised?
All too soon to pay, on judgement day,
Is this beginning or the ending,
Died sinning, still winning, still grinning.
This ending, verdict still pending, born pretending,
Three-hundred billion men, women, and children.
Deja vu, could be I'm dreaming,
But we all ask for divine reason,
While still breathing, and until leaving.
Who?, What?, When? Where?, How?
But most of all why?

Why what?

Ras Kass:
Do we live just to die?

The Book of Haden.
Way before the after God pitting heads.
No God for me, mathematically, in division.
My decision was all inventions.
I need not mention infinite dementions.
But the human mind's flaw was limited comprehension.
So while you try to travle to Mars and the stars,
The God manifests through the entire universe.
>From the Sun, Moon, the Earth.
I created man in my image and the black man was first.
The scientific explanation, yea I made man out of dirt.

Ras Kass:
But how can a man be first, when its the woman that's giving birth?

Listen, single-celled organisms.
The homosapien, the albanein

Ras Kass:
What's that?

White people.

Ras Kass:
They keep the world seperate and unequal.

The teach you, right is wrong, wrong is right.
Up is down.
Teaches King Arthur's throne, is the planets that are round

Ras Kass:
Can we really time travel, and is there life in outer space?

Wait, you knew all this in the first place.
You tryin to get to God.

Ras Kass:
But, I've fallen from your grace.
A billion paths to take, but which one is truly straight?


Ras Kass:
Can you walk across water or rise from the dead?
I heard he said he lived, and the son of man bled.

Its a process, shit dont just happen, I create it.
Everything you see, and shit you dont, son I made it, and waited.
I'm the big bang theory and evolution.
Been there, done that, from revolution to prostitution.
The first and final solution.
The quaran, bible, and vedas, is only tools,
dont be confused when the medula oblagada do

Ras Kass:
Oh, so revelations is Genesis.

Three-sixty degrees are limitless.

Shit, my motherfuckin nemesis.

Ras Kass:
Who is you?

Son, I thought you knew.
Who else? Lucifer, the lie bearer stupid, the devil himself.
He the creator, we all the creations, guess i'm eternal damnation.
Got you bitches seaking your own salvation.
Who taught you how to pray?
You read it in the book, look, your bear witness to Amen Ray.
Every day when you say Amen, and then turn around and preach worshipin false
Is an unforgettable sin.
Yea the good book is like comic books,
You take 'em too literal,
I tricked you in to believin' the power to reason,
Makes you able to live infinitely, in the physical.
Guess I'm the pawn com lyrical.
Basically I tell true lies in general, the yin and the yang
The player with a trillion years of game.

He got you sellin your spiritual, for power, monery, and fame,
I came out of tripple stage darkness, gave mortals my attributes.
But even you may be a mystery God like the lockhead,
A used sign to prove or disprove my existence.
Tryin to align this, artificial intelligence, cloned in a space station,
Tryin to build the tower of babylon.
But you savages stake me, when I start erasin homosapiens.
You lookin for an angel with wings,
I'm 'a bring young niggas with a ak, fuck a alien.

Ras Kass:
So what you sayin is, you the one that created sin.

What you call mother nature, was the nature of me.
What you call evil, ultimately, was the force inside of me.
Matter cant be created or destroyed it just changes shape.
One God, many people, and many faith.
And this is how I wanted to do 'em.

Ras Kass:
Wait, wait, hold up.
Father tell me, who is God's son?


I be the Jesus to your Buddah, the Chrishna at your Junah,
The big kahauna, Jehova Witnesses, suede pumas.
Zuese, Pharoah, Elohim, Saturn, Yaweh Jiah,
Arastifa Rah, Allah, the most powerful.
But then, only Adam and I.
I'm the oceans, the trees, a bumble bee, and a glock.
Earthquakes, how much money you ever take.
The reason behind every mistake mankind continually makes.

Ras Kass:
Did God create man, or did man need to create God?

The answer is both, cause how mortals look at God is odd.

You try to customize me to be comfortable.
For what you want to do, and how you choose to act.
The Roman Christians will tell you God aint black.
But to get something from nothing is physically impossible, thats a fact.

Black is the combination of all colors

Ras Kass:
White is the lack thereof.

Darkness is beneath the ground, and in the skies up above.
The clue, is that the true illumination is me, not illuminati.
Cause I alone discriminate,
Any who be believing they can rationalize our out reason me.
Who created your creature, sutdent can never be greater than the teacher.
Wether its Adam and Eve, or atomic chemistry.
I'm the one true source of all energy.
Who will evantually destroy every enemy when I see fit.
I cant blaspheme my own name so when Goddamnit, so be it.

Thats called the wrath of God, but we gotta deal, I can chill
Fuck up the whole world, and in the end,
He'll still fulfill his plan, to return man to his original position.
Nigga gave me some hooks, and said I gets to go fishin.

I gave man doiminion over the Earth, to master the wealth.
But most of my children dont have dominion over theyself.

Thats where I come in.
Call it original sin.
Well, who really gives a flying fuck?
I taught you how to blood suck, and ultimately self destruct.

Know the ledge, wise the dome, do the data.
I'm the alpha.

I'm the beta.

Ras Kass:
And I'm omega.
To be or not to be was man's question since conception.
I think that for our end, was man's preception.
But the birth is the ressurection.
The son of God, or God's son, that lights our entire spectrum.
You got everlasting life, long as you got day and night.
Illumination, not education, to bring the blind sight.
And what you need to know is that you'll never know it all.
I'm a lowercase g, son of the ever-living God.

do yourself a favor and DL it
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Ras Kass- Interview With A Vampire

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January 30th, 2006

06:03 pm
that could have been the worst birthday iv ever had, actually, it was

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October 31st, 2005

12:43 am
such confusion, and out of nowhere too. IMing someone you havent talked to can be a wonderful thing, everyone should look on their list, and find someone you havent talked to in a long time (might be easier for me since i have 289 buddies) but i think everyone can do it. but yes, i havent updated in like a couple o' months lol, WoW consumes most of those months lol, but i dont care, that game fucking rules. anywho i love my major, industrial design is so much fun, lotta projects but oh well get used to it. back to powerpoint


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August 23rd, 2005

03:53 am
whoa, hot girl working at hot topic, how ironic hahaha

boo for going back to school in less then a week

yay for sonic gems collection and mountaincreek tomorrow, or rather in 4 hours when i have to drive

ok sleep time

oh ya

Things i got today:

1 pair of brown DC skate shoes
1 pair of Adidas ummm something awsome green shoes
1 pair of white pumas with brown stripe
1 pair of Adidas flip flops

1 blue Eddie Bauer hoddie
1 Trigun zip-up hoodie

1 pair of jeans OMG JEANS

1 Ecko spray can shirt

1 Wu Tang Clan movie- Sleeping fist (fucking hillarious)
1 some other kung fu movie i havent watched yet

Total cost....

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July 21st, 2005

02:11 am
there is a pit inside of me, and all it does is widen and get deeper. i feel so exausted, yet i never want to seem to give up.

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July 15th, 2005

04:10 am
being already kinda down, plus getting a parking ticket as you walking to your car (fucking fag ass bitch hoe fucker tossed salad ass cops) makes me even more sad

lol that was an awsome burst of cursing

time to go play wow ~_~

*happy birthday to you <3*


btw for anyone who posts on gamefaqs. i got into a privet board woooo, im happy lol

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June 30th, 2005

04:26 am
Why do i feel so empty ~_~

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June 28th, 2005

02:59 am

wow awsome ass weekend in maryland

just got back from a smash bros turny today for those who didnt know, and all i can say is wow. some of the tallent there was unbelieveable. Ken and Isai from the west coast were amazing, eddie, PC Chris gah, makes me feel like such a noob. hopefully the next turny ill be able to do a litle better then i did this one, met so many awsome new people. lots of good times.

*yawn* i think its time i went back to sleep

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June 6th, 2005

08:45 pm
*blows dust away*

its been a while, i cant say much has happened, but then again, i cant say im really in the right state of mind to talk about anything. i think im starting to develope a mild case of depression :/ idk really, everything seems to upset me, make me sad; thing is, i dont know what to do about it, i dont know who to talk to, i dont know what to do, i think a lot about what to do but i always come to the conclusion that nothing will help except time, and myself i suppose, i have to make myself feel better. lol which shouldnyt be that difficult, im pretty good at it. ahh yes, just a lesson to everyone, if you cant rely on yourself, you have a problem. but ya maybe once i start work i might be happier, just doing something to distract my mind from thinking too much, which believe it or not people, is somthing i do a lot lol *WHOA* haha. anywho, maybe i should go on a trip, just by myself, ya that might make me feel better inside ^_^, oh ya and i hope i can go to "Getting Schooled 2" later this month, i need to see if my hours of sitting home practicing my ssbm skills will pay off, yes i know, im that much of a looser lol. but knowing ummm everything id get there and bomb like peaches random turnip pulls (hahaha, if u get that its even worse of a pun, lol). anywho i hope my mom will b home soon so i can go out, rawr. well ya ill attempt to update this and that other thing ocasionally, sorry if none of you actully care about my problems :) ttyl

-the mighty kup-o

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