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May 21st, 2005

12:53 am
Doctor OgenkI: n e one play it competitivly
GCNFreak1386: Not me
GamerAnthony88: Anyone*
Cooler Cero: Not unless I wanted to lose, no.
Doctor OgenkI: u must b from gamefaqs anthony
Parano1dAndro1dX: yes they are
GamerAnthony88: Ya I am
Doctor OgenkI: lol
Nephets Z5: Haha
GamerAnthony88: Howd you know
Nephets Z5: He admitted he came from Gamefaqs
GamerAnthony88: And?
Doctor OgenkI: u corrected stupid internet spelling
Nephets Z5: That's like the best thing ever

lol sorry for those who dont get it

it was really funny to me

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May 19th, 2005

04:49 am
Im sorry General Grevious, I really am, those stupid directors made you such a weak villin,george lucas didnt know what he had in his hands. I know clone wars made you weezy, but they should have let you fought with the power you did in the mini series. in my imagination you kicked a lot of ass, i think you shoulda went around, killed all the jedi yourself (which is what u were built and trained to do) theeeeeeeeeen get killed by obi wan that would have been ok. but n e way rest of the movie was good lots of memories brought back, like that bright ass ship

oh ya ENOUGH WITH THE SCENE WHIPS, THE MOVIE WAS NOT MADE WITH iMOVIE, i know they were using what was in the origional movies, but some of those scene transitions were bad ~_~

enough nit picking good movie, asses were kicked, awsome

miss my lee <3.............a lot


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May 2nd, 2005

02:29 am

the snoop dogg concert was incredable, i had a blast it was so much fun. he did all his memeorable songs, all his new ones and a lot in between, hypnotize me was funny

oh ya he had like 20 weed plants onstage that was really good and he smoked a huge blunt, seems to have poliece immunity.

n e way time to do some studying

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April 27th, 2005

01:53 pm

is a Giant Squid that will turn back into a Human in the morning, has an Extra Head, carries a Flamethrower, and is Covered with a Thick Slime and Blind.

Strength: 6 Agility: 1 Intelligence: 11

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat Chris, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Chris using

fight me!

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01:02 am
short update

Dane Cook was awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ahhahahahahhahahah supper duper funny


drop it like its lukewarm

now time to write


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April 17th, 2005

01:28 pm
wow this has been an awsome weekend.

Fri- went to a university comedy/ music show omg it wass the funniest shit ever. The comedy portion was Ashey Larry and.......... CHARLIE MURPHY from chappelles show. WOW Charlie Murphy is the funniest commedian i have ever seen in my life. He told us a never befor heard Charlie Murphys's True Hollywood story about a time he went to Rick James' house gahhhhhhhh, i hope i can find a recording of his stuff it was amazing. After the comedy Jadakiss came out and performed which wasnt to great kuz his music kinda sucks, but he did throw a wad of cash out into the crowd which was amusing.

any way last night i went to the mall, got an external hard drive then went and saw sin city WOW that movie was incredable. very well directed, and overall just friggin cool, i wanna see it again.


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April 13th, 2005

04:57 pm
Saw The Roots last ngiht wow simply amazing Common also performed. ?uestlove was amazing, loved his solo and he was mad goofy during the show

well i gotta go back ot finishing up an essay


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April 10th, 2005

09:59 pm


omg thx kev

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March 17th, 2005

01:42 am
wonderful day *sigh*

didnt want it to end

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March 15th, 2005

05:55 pm

its ok, 7 hours later isnt that bad

but i understand i shouldnt act so selfish

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